This is an environmental monitoring system. It warns you at a remote location in case of smoke, fire, excess humidity, flooding, physical entry and even generator fuel. S-Probe has a full line of sensors for all your data center monitoring needs. All our sensors are easy to set up and are instantly recognized by all S-Probe base units.

This solution will help Monitor environmental changes such as temp, humidity, water, monitor access to the data centre, monitor fuel levels of the generator, Monitor airflow, monitor network connectivity, smoke detection, monitor intrusion and motion

Beverage companies report cooler losses in the hundreds of thousands every single year due to theft, misplaced and unaccounted assets. This doesn’t even begin to consider the lost sales revenue due to long down times, long restocking intervals and often- product damaged due to temperature fluctuations.
We have an intelligent end-to-end solution that is developed specifically for bottlers/beverage suppliers to drastically cut losses from all these loose ends.
So here are the steps:

1. A hardware device in fixed to the coolers. This can be factory-fitted, or also fitted to existing coolers on field.
2. The hardware transmits a wide range of data to our servers in real time. (Geo-Location, temperature, door openings, power consumption, compressor temperature, etc)
3. Our software algorithm computes all of this information and is able to detect behavioral anomalies in real-time. Through this we are able to convert this data into actionable recommendations. The concerned parties are sent these notifications in real time where they can act accordingly.

Refrigerators and Freezers
Our technology is ideal for guaranteeing that cold storage facilities such as restaurant freezers, walk-in refrigerators and food warmers are always maintained at ideal conditions. In the event of a change, whether a freezer door was left open or a power outage occurred, early detection programs make sure the right parties know about the shift immediately in order to take action and prevent having to throw out inventory.

Keep an eye on network racks, server rooms, and enterprise level data centers with fully scalable environmental monitoring solutions BSA has to offer. Configure alert notifications to receive Email, SMS, SNMP or voice call alarms to notify you when something goes wrong. Viruses, spyware, and network threats get most of the attention, but environmental factors like heat, humidity, airflow, smoke, and electricity can be equally devastating to IT equipment, and thus to a company’s operation.

BSA has the perfect solution S- probe for any warehouse (and room/ building) monitoring purposes. The system provides users with access to real-time information, data storage, access to history data using various reports, alerting via email and SMS, alert/exception handling tools and alert reports – everything that is needed to meet requirements for temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals and perishable food.

The system also supports other monitoring parameters such as relative humidity, air pressure and switch data (on-off) for various needs.

Our solutions ensure that incubators, laboratory chambers and cold room sample storage facilities are maintained at the proper environmental conditions. Researchers can enjoy peace mind knowing research facilities and experimental conditions are monitored by early detection solutions 24/7

The rise of electronic health records and health information exchanges puts greater pressure on healthcare providers to keep updated logs on their storage conditions, and our solutions make this process easier by automating logs pertaining to environmental monitoring.
For maintaining and monitoring conditions at storage facilities for vaccines, tissue banks, blood samples and other biological samples, turn to the solutions offered by BSA.

If they do not prioritize storage solutions, healthcare providers risk huge financial losses and running afoul of government requirements. Vaccines not maintained under ideal conditions can cause healthcare providers to lose large sums of money BSA solutions can help maintain ideal conditions for storing samples and vaccines, and ensure that medical professionals stay on top of all government-mandated logging requirements.


During transit, produce in refrigerated trucks can be monitored with wireless battery powered temperature and humidity sensors. Data is logged on the sensor and once the truck arrives at a depot  the sensor will synchronize the data to your server.


  • Real-time GPS tracking of vehicles, routes
  • Real-time temperature monitoring from cargo space
  • (Driver sees cargo space temperature(s) from display
  • SMS and/or email alert notifications from temperature excursions and locations based alerts
  • Alert handling tool and audit report – Baseline for alert handling process

Cold storage is the one widely practiced method for bulk handling of the perishables between production and marketing processing. It is one of the methods of reserving perishable commodities in fresh and whole some state for a longer period by controlling temperature and humidity with in the storage system. Maintaining adequately low temperature is critical, as otherwise it will cause chilling injury to the produce. Also, relative humidity of the storeroom should be kept as high as 80-90% for most of the perishables, below (or) above which his detrimental effect on the keeping quality of the produce.  Proper post harvest cooling can: • Reduce respiratory activity and degradation by enzymes; • Reduce internal water loss and wilting; • Slow or inhibit the growth of decay-producing microorganisms; • Reduce the production of the natural ripening agent, ethylene. In addition to helping maintain quality, , reduced spoilage, and longer shelf lives.

Monitoring the cold chain in flower transport

BSA have the solution for you to maintain proper temperature and humidity to keep the produce in good condition. Reducing the temperature, slow down the rate of respiration,as well as biological changes, transpiration losses. Flowers need to be kept cool during the long transport within Kenya and   for the export market Europe to guarantee quality on arrival and a long vase life.